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Trekking in Ladakh


Classic Markha Trek

About The Trek

The most famous trekking route, this trek is easily accessible and frequented by all the trekkers to the region. We will cross two passes during the trek.   marka valley

Trek Route

Zinchen – Gandala Base – Skiu – Markha – Tchatchuse – Nimaling – Shang

Duration: 11 days (07 days trekking)

Season: June - October Last

Average temperature: Day (25 – 30 c) Night ( 04-15 c)


Markha Valley trek from Stok

About The Trek

This trek is also one of the most easily accessible, popular and frequented by all the trekkers to this region. Three passes will be crossed during the trek.   markha from stok

Trek Route

Stok – Lkartsa – Yurutse – Gandala – Skiu – Markha – Tchatchuse – Nimaling – Shang.

Duration: 11 days (07 days trekking)

Season: June - September

Average temperature: Day (25 – 30 c) Night (04-15 c)

Lamayuru – Alchi

Lamayuru – Alchi (Physic Moderate)

About The Trek

This trek of 5 days takes you through the spectacular landscape and high mountains around Ladakh. Exploring lamayuru alchiLadakh famous for its ancient monastery and beautiful villages will be an experience apart for sure.

Trekking through a pass at an altitude of 5250 meters and its wonderful views will add to the experience. Lamayuru, an ancient gompa of Wanla , Mangu and Alchi are some of the ancient monastery we will be visiting through the trek. These were built by the great Tibetan scholar and translator Rinchen Zangpo in 11th century.

Trek Route

Lamayuru – Wanla – Urste – Tar – Mangyu – Alchi

Duration: 12 days (05 days trekking )

Season: Mid June to September Last

Lamayuru – Hemis

Lamayuru – Shang Sumdo (Physic Moderate)

About The Trek

Unlike other treks, this links two most famous monastery of Ladakh through two mountain ranges, Ladakh and Zanskar. During the trek we will visit some beautiful villages like Wanla, Hinju and Chilling. To add to the experience Lamayuru – Hemiswe will cross the Zanskar river by 80 meters cable car.

Another place to mention is the Namaling 4600mt, a beautiful plateau and the base of the Kangyatse Peak (6400 mt) where we will camp for a day. Shepherd from the Markha valley lives here during summer with their Yak and Pashmina goats. Various passes will also be crossed during the trek. Visit to the biggest monastery in Ladakh, Hemis Gompa is another highlight of the trek.

Trek Route

Lamayuru – Wanla – Hinju – Sumdochenmo – Dundunchen – Chilling – Skiu – Markha – Hankar – Namaling – Shang Sumdo

Duration: 15 days (11 days trekking)

Season: June- September Last

Chilling – Jugtak

Rupshu Trek (Chilling – Jugtak) (Physic Moderate)

About The Trek

Chilling – JugtakRupse valley in the South east of Ladakh, will be a major attraction of this trek. This beautiful valley on the road from manali to Leh, at an altitude of 4000 – 5000 mt is home to various wildlife including the kyang (wild ass ), red fox and the rare, highly endangered snow leopard.
It is also inhabited by Chanpas…… nomadic shepherds who also engage in trade and work the caravans between Ladakh, Lahoul and Spiti.

Trek Route

Chilling- Markha- Thachungtses – Zalungkarpo – Sorra – Dat – Lungmoche – Lun – Morangla base – Tsokmetsic – Jhuktak

Duration: 22 days (11 days trekking)

Season: October November

Average temperature: Day (15 –25 c) Night (03-10 c)


Shang Sumdo – Tsomoriri via Rupshu (Physic Moderate)

About The Trek

The trek through the Zanskar ranges through Rupshu is a landscape quite unlike any other in Marselang (Hemis) – Tsomoriri via RupshuLadakh – or elsewhere in India. Karzok, situated at 4572 mt. with its dozen or so houses and its gompa appearing like a mirage among the barren hills is another attraction.

Tso Moriri…the largest high altitude wetland in the subcontinent is an abode of critically threatened bar headed goose, black neck crane and other rare species. Through the trek we will cross as many as five passes.

Trek Route

Shang Sumdo – Kongmurla base – Thachungtse – Zalungkarpo – Sorra – Dat – Lungmoche – Jakang – Punganagu(Tsokar) – Rachungkaru – Gyamarburma – Zuglat – Karzok.

Duration: 16 days (12 days trekking)

Season: July - September Last

Average temperature: Day (10– 25 c) Night (04-10 c)

Nubra Trek

Nubra Trek – Saboo to Khaltsar via Digar la (Physic Easy)

About The Trek

nubra valley trekThis trek permits to cross the Ladakh ranges for the joining the Shayok Valley in the Karakoram ranges. The altitude of pass and the hot climate in the valley of Shayok during this six days trek though easy but should not under estimate. For this particular trek we are travelling in Nubra. We have to cross as many as two passes. On the way back after finishing the trek we will drive through world’s highest motorable road at Khardung-la ( 5578 mt. )

Trek Route

Saboo – Lartsa – Digar – Khungru – Rongthil – Khalsar

Duration: 15 days (06 days trekking)

Season: June - September

Average temperature: Day (25 – 35 c) Night (10-15 c)

Rumtse – Kibber

Rumtse – Kibber via Parangla (Physic Hard)

About The Trek

Rumtse – KibberThis trek takes one through the Parangla, an ancient commercial route joining Ladakh and Spiti. During this beautiful trek we will cross the infinite high altitude plateau (4000-5580m) of southern Ladakh, beautiful high altitude turquoise Color Lake and also the glacier of Parangla. Completely a wild trek, we will meet the wondering nomads with their yaks looking for pasture during the trek. Korzok is the only village we will meet during the entire trek.

Trek Route

leh, Rumtse, Tsomoriri, parang la, kiber, manali, Delhi

Duration: 21 days (13 days trekking)

Season: June - October

Average temperature: Day (15-25 c) Night (0-10 c)

Rumtse - Tsomoriri

Rumtse - Tsomoriri Trek

About The Trek

The remote high plateau of Changthang stretches from western Tibet into eastern Ladakh.Rumtse - Tsomoriri This region, known as the land of the Drogpa (nomads) will give you an experience to last a lifetime. Seeing the nomad’s in their traditional lifestyle and share a cup of butter tea in one of their black yak-hair tents will make you feel incredible. The Tsomoriri lake surrounded by captivating landscape changes its color with light. nd is surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The area is also an important wildlife sanctuary, harboring snow leopards and wild asses, as well as various species of birds.

Trek Route

Leh, Rumtse.pangunagu,tsomorir, leh, Delhi

Duration: 15 days with 7 days trek.

Season: June to October

sham trek

Sham Trek – Themisgam To Phyang (Physic Easy)

About The Trek

Sham TrekIn this particular itinerary we will explore Indus Valley. By visiting some beautiful monastery like Alchi, we will start our trek from Themisgam the ancient capital of Sham Valley.

The village has a castle of 14 century, which dominates the whole village. During the trek we will always camp in small village wherein we have an opportunity of see the life style of local people. Also in this trek we will visit some important monasteries such as Like (one of the oldest monastery of Ladakh), Basgo (the ancient summer capital of Ladakh), Phyang (the first monastery one of the four orders of Tibetan Buddhism) In this trek we will cross as many as five small passes.

Trek Route

Themisgam – Hemisskupachen – Yangthang – Likir – Rafta – Umla – Taroo – Phyang

Duration: 14 days (07 days trekking)

Season: June - September Last

Average temperature: Day (25 – 35 c) Night (10-15 c)


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