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Chadar - The frozen Zanskar River Trek (Physic Hard)


About The Trek

One of the toughest and most adventurous trek, the total distance of this tour (one way) is approximately 105 Km and will be covered with average distance of 15 to 17 km a day. The temperature remains minus 15 to 20 during the day time and – 25 to –35 during the night. After keeping all the facts in one’s mind bring your warmest Jackets and sleeping bags and good shoe.

Most of the trek is done on the ice (Chaddar) but at some places we must climb icy rocks or trails and in Zanskar itself we can walk through the normal trail used by the people daily.

Any person thinking joining this unique adventure must be fully prepared to accept tough camping and walking conditions. Most of the nights will be spending in the caves and in Zanskar we may sleep in the houses provided by the local people. The porters and the kitchen team will be totally Zanskaris, dedicated and who are perfect to work in any weather conditions. There will be three porters after every tourist and food served will be mostly Indian and Ladakhi.


Duration: 22 days actual from Delhi to Delhi

Season: January and February (Best between 15 Jan till end of Feb.)

Average temperature: Minus – 15 to –35


For detailed itinerary with cost and to book the trek please contact us at:

Lakruk Complex, Fort Road, Post Box no. 206
Leh- Ladakh, India.
Tel : 01982- 252153, 251673, Mobile : 09419976787
E-mail : lakpale@yahoo.co.in , info@zanskartrek.com
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